Interior Design Services

EDOBA Design provides residential and commercial interior design services that offer much more than simply decorating. We provide very professional, high quality design services including remodels, additions, new construction, furniture, finish selection, lighting, and custom fabrication. 

Our firm expertise is in creating interior designs based on client's needs, tastes and budget. The client's participation is encouraged in every phase of the project. Each project receives personal attention from our experienced design team, enabling clients to achieve excellent value for every dollar invested.


Residential Interior Design

We offer a full range of services that take our clients from design concept through installation, whether multi-residential developments or single family homes, that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The mission of our residential design focus is to create interiors that fit the functional needs of residential spaces, while capturing each client's personal taste.

Using our 3D modeling technology, we create the ability to experience interior spaces fully to scale with updated finishes, furnishings, and space plans before any renovation begins. We are able to go into such detail that we can show the actual views out of the windows and install our client’s artwork on the walls.

Commercial Interior Design

Our design team lays out a 3D model for the interiors in order to facilitate all members of a commercial design team from building owner, contractor, sub-contractors, business owners and their employees.

We develop designs which employ color theory, innovative products, furnishings, and work with a network of specialists with knowledge of systems for all types of commercial environments. For our commercial design projects, we believe the true value of design is realized when it positively impacts your bottom line. We offer our clients cost-efficient and effective business results.