Residential Design

Our overall goal is to provide an end result reflecting the client’s wishes combined with our design expertise to produce a project that is one of a kind - and within budget - for our clients in any location.

Stylistically, our residential designs range from high-tech modern homes to rustic cottages and all points in between yet are always consistent to the style chosen. At the same time, many of our custom home designs are eclectic and defy categorization as we do not limit ourselves to any one historical architectural ‘style’. Each residence is unique because it is a distinct design response to climate, views, topography, site, function and the aesthetic sensibilities of our clients infused with our own design skills.

Getting The Most From Technology

Our design process allows our clients to experience their vision before construction even begins. Using 3D modeling software, we offer the chance to immerse themselves within the project.

An example of the computer rendering and the finished building     

By experiencing rooms, light sources, materials used, and even the view from the windows, our clients are able to make changes and 'try out' multiple ideas during the design phase rather than during the course of construction - thus saving time and money.

An example of the computer rendering of the bedroom view and the actual bedroom     

While initial face to face meetings are preferred, many meetings take place via the Internet and the exchange of drawings and images of the 3D models through email. We are currently working with clients in several other states.

The Need For Design

A home is by far the largest investment most people ever make, yet design and planning - the most important aspects of creating that home – often receive the least amount of attention. Before we offer a design solution, we encourage you to consider the experiences you’ve had in the spaces you have lived. What has worked for you in the past? What has not? 

It Comes Down To Details

At EDOBA Design, we know that every project is the sum of its details. We can assist in the selection of finishes, furnishings, and even art. Custom fabrication may also be employed and we have a wide range of artisans that can create almost anything you can imagine. 

Our approach to residential design is multi-faceted. We believe that our designs should employ natural light, energy efficiency, and high quality / low maintenance construction. We want to be sure that our clients will be satisfied with the quality of their home for years to come.