The design process can be daunting. It is the goal of EDOBA Design to simplify and eliminate the complexities of these tasks for our clients by discussing each phase of the process.  In the following example, you will see how each phase takes you from idea to completed project.

Program Development 


The first step is for the design team to gather and analyze all of the information necessary to create your specific project. During this time we formulate a detailed 'program' which defines your needs and objectives: function, size and relationship between spaces, architectural style, and a host of other considerations that affect success of the project. We analyze your property and determine the best placement of the building on the site and the spaces within to capture views and sunlight. We also research and study the local building codes and zoning ordinances. Finally, we work with you to establish the construction scope, budget, and schedule.

Schematic Design

Conceptual brainstorming and exploration define this phase of the design process. It begins with the creation of concept diagrams and rough sketches. During this time we create the general layout, form and overall appearance of both the building and the site. Sketches, drawings and 3D models are prepared to help evaluate the design ideas and concepts and set the final direction for refining the project. Once we know the general location of the building on the site, we bring in specialists to determine the suitability of the chosen site. This allows us to plan an appropriate foundation and structural system.

Design Development


After the general size, layout and character of the building are established, we begin to refine the design. Floor plans and elevations are prepared with greater accuracy than those prepared during the schematic phase. Work commences on the full 3D model of the project and ideas are explored for feature elements of the building such as stairs, cabinetry, final finishes and built-in furniture. Floor plans, elevations and sections through the project are developed. By the end of this phase, seventy to eighty percent of the creative work will have been completed.

Construction Documents


Working Drawings (sometimes referred to as building plans, floor plans or project blueprints) and specifications are prepared which define in detail all of the materials that are to be incorporated into the project, where they are to be located, and how they are to be installed. Although this phase is primarily intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some designing also takes place. In addition, the final selections are made for such items as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and interior finish materials (tile, carpet, paint colors, etc.).

To view more photos of this project, please go to our Portfolio page and view China Mountain House 


Additional Services: Contractor Selection and Construction 

- Identify qualified contractors

- Assist client in bidding process and contractor selection

- Continued support during construction if needed


Whether you are building a new home, new restaurant, remodeling an existing home, updating a storefront, or altering a set of plans, you can choose the depth of services you desire. You may only wish to see a model, or you may require the entire program; it is up to you.